My Wealth Unit Trust

The goal of this fund is to offer investors sustained medium to long-term growth of capital with moderate risk. Money isn't everything, but happiness alone can't keep you out of the rain. Do not wait until you are thirsty to dig a well.  Have a plan. Start investing towards the wealth you seek today by investing in the Mywealth unit trust .



  • It is a Balanced Fund and invests in both money market  instruments and Equities (Shares on the Ghana Stock Exchange).
  • Minimum initial investment amount is GHS 20.00
  • Exit Charges: 3% for withdrawals within 1 year, 2% within 2 years and 1% within 3 years.

No Exit Charges after 3 years.



  • Being a Balanced Fund, you enjoy from both the money market (Treasury bills, fixed deposits, bonds, etc) and the Ghana Stock Exchange.
  • Unlike a fixed deposit, it allows regular deposits of any amount as frequently as you want. 
  • Opportunity to save towards financing property acquisitions, celebration of key milestone events and higher education, etc.
  • Higher returns and periodic update on investment.
  • Minimized risk using a well-diversified portfolio.



* Valid ID (Passport / Driver’s License / Voters ID)
* One (1) Passport Size Picture
* Completed Application Form
* Initial Deposit



* Mobile Money (Dial *718*78# on all networks and follow prompts)
* ACH Direct Debit (Automatic deduction from your bank account)
* Bank Transfer
* Cash


My Wealth, My Resource

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